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Development and testing of greening healthcare assessment methodology

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Procurement of Services

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The objective of the procurement exercise is to commission a service provider to design, develop and pilot a
comprehensive green assessment methodology aimed at providing actionable solutions for increasing energy
and resource efficiency while reducing the carbon footprint in healthcare institutions (HCIs). The exercise
encompasses designing and developing the relevant methodology and tools, testing this methodology through
a pilot study, and refining the approach based on the outcomes of the pilot.

Scope of Work 

Task 1: Developing a “green assessment methodology”, to include:

1.1 Conduct a desk review of existing green assessment methodologies suitable for healthcare settings, incorporating relevant regional and other case studies.

1.2 Develop an assessment methodology including:

• Analysis of energy consumption, covering HVAC systems and other energy-consuming


• Examination of the building envelope for inefficiencies in insulation, windows, and structural design, including energy classification according to relevant regulations in BiH.

• Evaluation of water usage, particularly hot water requirements.

• Assessment of waste management practices, focusing on segregation, reduction, and disposal.

• Assessment of the HCI’s carbon footprint.

1.3 Create data collection tools and protocols.

1.4 Establish a set of resource efficiency indicators for HCIs with benchmarking reference values.

Task 2: Piloting the developed methodology and preparing an audit report, to include:

1.1 Develop selection criteria for the pilot HCI based on criteria such as size, type, and environmental practices.

1.2 Select and collaborate with the chosen HCI for the pilot.

1.3 Conduct the green assessment actively involving HCI staff, utilizing a “learning by doing” approach.

1.4 Collect feedback to evaluate the methodology's user-friendliness and efficacy.

1.5 Prepare an audit report for selected HCI with proposed measures on increasing resource and energy efficiency

Task 3: Fine-tuning the methodology, to include:

1.1 Analyze outcomes and feedback from the pilot.

1.2 Identify and address areas needing adjustments or enhancements.

1.3 Revise the methodology and associated tools.

1.4 Develop the final version of the methodology tailored for HCI applications including the outline for an audit report.

Minimum Eligibility and Qualification Criteria

Eligibility and Qualification will be evaluated on Pass/Fail basis.

Legal Status: Vendor is a legally registered entity, with at least 5 years of experience, including one senior expert with 7+ years of experience, and two experts with 3+ years of experience with degrees in engineering, environmental sciences, or other related field (Legal registration documents submitted).

Company Profile: Bidder information (Company Profile, which should not exceed 5 pages, including printed brochures and product catalogues relevant to the goods/services being procured).

Previous Experience: Minimum 3 contracts of similar nature and complexity implemented over the last 5 years (Submission of relevant documents confirming satisfactory delivery of results submitted).

Financial Standing: The bidder must demonstrate the current stability of its financial status and must have an annual turnover of 100,000.00 KM or more (Income statement and balance sheet for the year 2022 and 2023 and/or other relevant documents demonstrating current soundness of financial standing).

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