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Procurement of E-learning Platform Design and Development Services for the Needs of the Digital Innovation
Hub "its4Health"

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Procurement of Services

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The University "Sarajevo School of Science and Technology" is conducting this procurement on behalf of the consortium of partners gathered around the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) "its4Health". The project to establish DIHs in Bosnia and Herzegovina is supported by the German Society for International Cooperation - GIZ, within the EU4DigitalSME program, jointly funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of the Federal Republic of Germany (BMZ).

Communication and any other exchange of information between the contracting institution and potential bidders will be conducted in writing. Bids as well as requests for clarification and any objections to the procurement conditions need to be submitted via email:

This procurement involves only firms with proven qualifications in the field of the subject procurement.

Scope of Work 

Research and definition of the project task

  • Conducted research on the LMS solution and its key characteristics

  • Identified specific requirements or limitations that need to be taken into account

  • Defined feature sets and prepared feature presentations

  • Detailed project plan submitted

Creation and development of a project assignment

  • Collected backlogs from user stories and defined features from the first phase of the project task.

  • Documented and set process and iterations on tasks

  • Presented MVP with content of basic features and functionality of LMS solution

  • Held three MFA meetings to assess the situation and define the necessary changes in the form of improvements

Fine tuning

  • Additional testing conducted with the aim of identifying problems that arose during the p

    rogramming and design of the platform

  • Customised user platform that responds to the attendees developed, based on the MVP feedback

  • Completed final (internal) presentation/demo of LMS solutions

Administration and posting of content

  • User accounts set up and defined user roles and permissions

  • Delivered content including courses, lessons and quizzes

  • Provided support and managed the initial access to the LMS (first group of users)

  • Bulk account creation script provided

Minimum Eligibility and Qualification Criteria

The bid must include:

- Annex 2 with all filled-in data and the signature of an authorised person.
- Detailed specification of the offered services, demonstrating compliance with the technical requirements stipulated in the invitation.
- Statement on the proposed dynamics of payment by stages provided for in the project assignment.
- Statement on the preparation of the final report upon completion of the provided service.

In addition to the mentioned annexes, the bidder is obliged to provide the following:
- Example of previous work documenting the required references for the execution of the subject services
- Proof of registration

If necessary, the contracting institution will request additional documentation from the bidder to prove their
legal and professional capacity.

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