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Procurement of visual design services for 5 startups

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Procurement of Services

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The primary aim of the Terms of Reference (TOR) is to support the further development of 5 emerging
healthcare startups through the provision of expert services aimed at developing their visual brand identity.
The exercise is expected to help emerging entrepreneurs develop their unique visual identity and establish a
professional presence on the market. Accordingly, the Hub is looking to contract 1 skilled and experienced
designer capable of translating the startups' visions into compelling visual elements, including logos,
graphics, and marketing materials. By investing in visual design services, we seek to differentiate these
startups, build brand recognition, and drive their growth and success in the marketplace.

Scope of Work 

Task 1. Initial client consultations

Visual designers will arrange and conduct individual meetings with representatives of each of the 5 startups to discuss their ideas, objectives, and requirements regarding visual design. During these meetings, designers will actively listen to the startups' visions and gather essential information to understand their unique identities and branding goals.

Level of effort: 2 days

Task 2. Development of individual visual design solutions

Building upon insights gained from the initial meetings, designers will proceed to develop comprehensive visual identities for each of the 5 startups. Visual identities will encompass various elements, including logos, colour palettes, typography, and graphic styles, aiming to effectively convey the essence and values of each startup.

Level of effort: 10 days

Task 3. Feedback and finalisation

Upon completion of the initial visual design concepts, designers will present their proposals to the respective startups for feedback and evaluation. Startups will have the opportunity to provide detailed feedback on the proposed visual identities, including suggestions for revisions or adjustments. Based on the feedback received, designers will implement necessary revisions and refinements to the visual design concepts. Designers will ensure that the revised visual identities align closely with the startups' preferences and expectations, striving for optimal representation and impact.

Level of effort: 3 days

Minimum Eligibility and Qualification Criteria

Eligibility and Qualification will be evaluated on Pass/Fail basis.

Legal Status: The service provider must be an individual.

Individual Profile: The individual must have a proven track record in creative work, helping deliver tailored visual identity and graphic design for a variety of clients. Previous experience with emerging businesses in an asset (Individual profile should include a CV).

Previous Experience: Individual must have at least 3 years of prior experience in visual design (Submission of relevant documents confirming satisfactory delivery of results submitted).

Financial Standing: Bidder must demonstrate the current soundness of its financial standing, valid for legal entities (Income statement and balance sheet for the year 2022 and 2023 and/or other relevant documents demonstrating current soundness of financial standing).

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