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HealthTech Pulse Conference

Dec 20, 2023

To the Rhythm of Digital Transformation

As an important gathering in the field of healthcare technology, the HealthTech Pulse conference was organized by the partners of its4Health project Verlab Institute and held at Hotel Europe on December 20th.

The primary focus was on the Its4Health project’s activities and a forward-looking discussion on the challenges and objectives for 2024.

Among the esteemed speakers were Emina Mrđanović (Verlab), representing DIH its4Health, who shared valuable insights on the project’s impact and future direction. Aleksandar Mastilović (expert in digital transformation), an esteemed expert in digital transformation, delved into how technology is reshaping healthcare landscapes. Emina Delić, from Moja Klinika, highlighted the practical application of these technologies in clinical settings, and Lejla Gurbeta Pokvić, the director of the Verlab Institute, spoke on the importance of research and innovation in health tech.

The conference in an engaging networking session, which fostered discussions and potential collaborations among professionals passionate about advancing healthcare through technology.

The event took place within the esteemed Partner Framework of the Hub, comprising SSST, VERLAB, IMBiH, and ISBIH. This collaborative alliance integrates exceptional research expertise, crucial at every stage of the digitalization process. The establishment of DIH its4Health, as part of the EU4DigitalSME project, funded jointly by the EU and BMZ, implemented by GIZ in Bosnia and Herzegovina, aims to contribute significantly to the digitalization, automation, and innovation ecosystem for small and medium-sized enterprises in the region.

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