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Training on ISO 15189

Dec 19, 2023

Comprehensive Training on ISO 15189 organized by partners of its4Health project Institte for Standarization of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On December 19th, the University Clinical Center in Sarajevo hosted the training session on ISO 15189 organized by partners of its4Health project Institute for Standarization of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This event marked a significant step forward in understanding and implementing international standards in medical laboratories. Attendees, including professionals from various healthcare sectors, had the unique opportunity to engage with the project's vision and its underlying principles.

The training started with a detailed presentation on the BAS EN ISO 15189 standard, offering insights into its structure and the global best practices it encapsulates. Experts elucidated the standard's numerous benefits, such as enhancing laboratory accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. The focus then shifted to the practical aspects of implementing the standard, discussing strategies to align existing processes with these high benchmarks.

The day culminated in a dynamic discussion session, where guests actively participated, asking questions, and sharing experiences. This interactive segment allowed for a deeper dive into specific challenges and solutions in the standard's implementation. The event was not only a learning experience but also a platform for fostering collaboration among healthcare professionals, aiming to elevate the quality of laboratory services in the region.

The event took place within the esteemed Partner Framework of the Hub, comprising SSST, VERLAB, IMBiH, and ISBIH. This collaborative alliance integrates exceptional research expertise, crucial at every stage of the digitalization process. The establishment of DIH its4Health, as part of the EU4DigitalSME project, funded jointly by the EU and BMZ, implemented by GIZ in Bosnia and Herzegovina, aims to contribute significantly to the digitalization, automation, and innovation ecosystem for small and medium-sized enterprises in the region.

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