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Private Healthcare Provider Market Study

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Procurement of Services

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The main objective of the study is to provide the Hub with an informed overview of its primary market,
looking at its size, structure and primary characteristics.

The assignment will identify the number and type of prospective clients as well as assessing the overall levels of capacity, awareness and interest in digitalization as it pertains to the provision of healthcare services. Accordingly, the Service Provider will conduct a sector mapping exercise, followed by a comprehensive data collection and analysis exercise. This will then result in an actionable document that offers substantive inputs on the critical development pathways for the Hub in the immediate future.

Accordingly, the assignment envisions the following sub-objectives:
1. Design, development, and delivery of a comprehensive mapping exercise to establish the size and
structure of the Hub’s prospective market,
2. Design, development and administration of survey exercise to establish perceptions, as well as
baseline skill levels within the private healthcare sector.
3. Data analysis and report drafting.
4. Consolidation and presentation of findings.

Scope of Work 

The scope of work includes the development of mapping and survey methodology, with implementing tools and guidance, as well as the data analysis, report drafting and findings presentation.Under the overall supervision of the responsible Hub unit (SSST), and in collaboration with interested partners, the Service Provider will be responsible for the implementation of the following:

Activity 1. Submit implementation plan

At this stage, the Service Provider will submit their implementation plan consisting of i) detailed timeline for the delivery of critical activities (mapping and survey exercises, data analysis, report drafting and presentation); and ii) proposed mapping and survey methodology with initial sample proposal (size and structure), and data collection tools (including draft questionnaire and interview guide, if needed). The sample information will cover a representative number of companies from the targeted sector and will include the following geographic areas: Sarajevo, Zenica and Tuzla Cantons, and Herzegovina-Neretva Canton. Additional areas can be added at a later stage in consultation with Service Provider.

Activity 2. Design, develop and deliver sector mapping exercise.

At this stage, the Service Provider will provide a detailed mapping of the private healthcare sector for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to include the number and type of private entities registered for the provision of healthcare services, to include private clinics, dental offices, pharmacies, and biomedical laboratories. The type of data solicited (turnover, size, number of employees, etc.) will be determined in consultation with the Service Provider.

Activity 3. Design, develop and administer survey.

At this stage, the Service Provider will further develop the size and structure of the sample, the requisite survey questions and tools, and overall process methodology. Prior to proceeding with this activity, the Service Provider will seek and receive endorsement by SSST, on behalf of the Hub. Once approval is received, the Service Provider will administer the survey and collect findings, using the tools and questions approved. As a minimum, no fewer than 100 medical and non-medical professionals working in private healthcare will be surveyed across no fewer than 20 institutions representative of the overall market.

Activity 4. Conduct data analysis, report drafting and stakeholder consultations.

At this stage, the Service Provider will conduct data analysis of survey results, extrapolating prevalent trends and draft the report outline, detailing the report’s structure and envisaged chapters. In addition, the Service Provider will formulate questions for consultations with key stakeholders, as means of validation, and implement consultations. The list of key informants for consultations will be provided by SSST but will not exceed 10 individuals or institutions.

Activity 5. Presentation of Results

At this stage, the Service Provider will elaborate and refine final text of report and present findings of report in a follow-up discussion with key Hub personnel. This activity will culminate in the delivery of the final assignment report.

Minimum Eligibility and Qualification Criteria

Eligibility and Qualification will be evaluated on Pass/Fail basis.

Legal Status: Vendor is a legally registered entity (Legal registration documents submitted).

Company Profile: Bidder information (Company Profile, which should not exceed 5 pages, including printed
brochures and product catalogues relevant to the goods/services being procured)

Previous Experience: Minimum 3 contracts of similar nature and complexity implemented over the last 5 years (Contracts /client statements on satisfactory performance/other relevant documents confirming satisfactory delivery of results submitted).

Financial Standing: Bidder must demonstrate the current soundness of its financial standing (Income statement and balance sheet for the year 2021 and 2022 and/or other relevant documents demonstrating current soundness of financial standing)

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