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Procurement of services for upgrading the information system for managing the standardisation process (SMIS) for the needs of the Digital Innovation Hub "its4Health."

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The overall goal is to further develop the quality infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in line with the provisions of
the Stabilization and Association Agreement, and to create an environment that will enable industries and producers in
Bosnia and Herzegovina to improve their trade and industrial relations with the EU and international markets. Improving
transparency and access to information on the preparation of standards at the state, European, and international levels,
as well as enhancing the information system for standardization to be compatible with international and European
standardization organizations. Encouraging and facilitating access for small and medium-sized enterprises to standards
and the standardization process to achieve higher participation in the standardization system, both at the national and
regional (European) and international levels. Progress in the Stabilization and Association process. Notification
procedures for standards towards the EU and WTO carried out by Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ISBIH policy is linked to
the information system to expand/improve standardization activities based on European principles to fulfill the
requirements of the Stabilization and Association Agreement. In terms of these policies, reasonable efforts are made in
all activities to improve performance by using new and smarter ways of working with the use of state-of-the-art
information and communication technologies (ICT). Continuous upgrading of the existing information system will
enhance the quality of services provided to small and medium-sized enterprises and ensure successful participation of
ISBIH in the work of European and international standardization organizations. Respecting best practices of
standardization in the EU is essential. The Information System for managing the standardization process (SMIS) is a
software tool for managing the process of preparing, adopting, and publishing as well as developing and selling national
and other standards and standardization documents. Managing the process of preparing, adopting, and publishing as
well as developing and selling national and other standards and standardization documents requires a large amount of
data, which depends on various sources. Also, all relevant and appropriate information about standardization
documents must be interconnected. Daily standardization activities should be controlled rationally, using human
resources only when a decision needs to be made. These activities are currently covered by the SMIS system.

Scope of Work 

Creation of a Special Section on the Institute's Website

Development of a dedicated section on the Institute's website ( focused on small and medium enterprises (SMEs), featuring specific pages covering areas of interest for SMEs with a focus on medicine, innovation, and digitalisation.

Display of Modules with Sectors

Showcase modules with sectors (described in the previous point) on the homepage of the ISBIH website (, displaying various sectors tailored to small and medium enterprises.

Clicking on any sector will lead to a dedicated page (described in the previous point) for that sector.

Development of a Module for Creating and Ordering Personalised Standards Collection for Small and Medium Enterprises

Creation of a module for generating and ordering a personalised collection of standards for small and medium enterprises. This module involves creating a dedicated page with explanations/instructions on how to create and order a personalised collection of standards from a specific field.

Development of a Call-to-Action (CTA) Component

Creation of a Call-to-Action (CTA) component to promote the module for creating and ordering a personalised collection of standards on the ISBIH website's homepage. Call to action (CTA) is one of the most crucial concepts in digital marketing. In a literal translation, "Poziv na akciju" (Call to Action) is a visual or textual element on a website that explicitly prompts users to take specific actions. Provided support for administrators in managing initial access to the Learning Management System (LMS). (First group of users)

Provided a script for mass account creation.

Upgrade of the Standard Sales System

Upgrading the system for selling standards and standardization documents through the ISBIH catalog. This involves modifying the existing system to allow ISBIH administrators to choose the format in which the standard/standardisation document is sold.


The purpose of the testing process is to verify the fulfilment of functional requirements in accordance with technical specifications and to meet user needs.


Administrator training is a crucial component for the later usability of implemented requirements. To enhance understanding of specific functionalities, the primary administrator training should be planned on-site. Administrator training should not be shorter than 5 days.

Minimum Eligibility and Qualification Criteria

The bid must include:

• Annex 2 with all filled-in data and the signature of an authorized person.
• Detailed specification of the offered services, demonstrating compliance with the technical requirements
stipulated in the invitation.
• Statement on the proposed dynamics of payment by stages provided for in the project assignment.
• Statement on the preparation of the final report upon completion of the provided service. In addition to the mentioned annexes, the bidder is obliged to provide the following:
• Example of previous work documenting the required references for the execution of the subject services
• Proof of registration

If necessary, the contracting institution will request additional documentation from the bidder to prove their legal and
professional capacity

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