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Procurement of training and certification preparation services: Digital Transformation and Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Transformation of the Healthcare Sector - Basic Level and Advanced Level

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Procurement of Services

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The main objective of this call is to provide training and certification preparation services in the field of digital transformation and the application of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector. This includes curriculum development and training materials, implementation of internal processes and procedures for activity management, organisation of educational programs for consultants. The primary focus is to ensure that consultants are equipped to provide support in the field of digital transformation in the healthcare sector and achieve certification according to international standards.

Scope of Work 

Under the overall supervision of the responsible Hub unit (SSST), and in collaboration with interested partners, the Service Provider will be responsible for the implementation of the following:

1. Development of a curriculum and materials for training aimed at adopting a methodological approach to digital transformation in the healthcare sector;

2. Development and implementation of internal processes and procedures for effectively managing activities within DIH;

3. Organization of educational programs for selected consultants to ensure their competency in providing quality support in digital transformation and certification according to the requirements of international standards.

4. Quality control of training and exploration of certification offerings.

5. Providing expert support in the certification process according to the requirements of international standards for selected consultants for digital transformation to confirm their expertise and qualifications.

Minimum Eligibility and Qualification Criteria

Eligibility and Qualification will be evaluated on Pass/Fail basis.

Legal Status: The service provider can be a company, a craftsman, or a certified consultant (Legal registration documents submitted).

Company Profile: Information about the supplier (Company Profile, which should not exceed 5 pages,
including printed brochures and product catalogues relevant to the goods/services being procured).

Previous Experience:

- Minimum qualification of a graduate lawyer or economist, engineer of technical sciences, or other relevant disciplines with the possession of a consultant training competency certificate.
- Demonstrated expertise and experience in the field of digital transformation and modern technological solutions.
- Demonstrated expertise and skills in providing quality consulting services.
- Experience in organising pilot projects to support digital transformation for SMEs.
- Certification according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 17024 for the field of digital transformation.
- Excellent oral and written communication skills in the BHS language and English.

(Submission of relevant documents confirming satisfactory delivery of results submitted).

Financial Standing: Bidder must demonstrate the current soundness of its financial standing, valid for legal entities. (Income statement and balance sheet for the year 2022 and 2023 and/or other relevant documents demonstrating current soundness of financial standing).

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