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HealIT Conference

Dec 21, 2023

Navigating the Future of Medicine with Technology and Collaboration

The "Heal IT" conference hosted by ASA Medical Institute on December 21st, 2023, was a resounding success, providing a comprehensive exploration of the challenges and advancements in the digitization of the healthcare sector.

Daria Ler, the Director of ASA Institute, set the tone for the conference with an engaging opening speech, emphasizing the significance of embracing digital solutions in healthcare. Her leadership and vision played a pivotal role in orchestrating an event that addressed key issues and fostered collaboration among stakeholders.

The first panel, featuring Rasim Jusufović (ASA Medical), Amna Popovac (Dedalus), Muris Čeljo (CEO, Kodeks), and Mirad Maglić (Country Representative, Microsoft BiH), offered a deep dive into the challenges of health sector digitization. The diverse perspectives provided by these speakers not only highlighted the complexities but also offered practical insights into overcoming hurdles. This panel contributed significantly to a better understanding of the digital landscape in healthcare.

The second panel, moderated by Dr. Aida Hajdarpašić, brought together prominent figures like Dr. Enis Hasanović (Health Minister, Sarajevo Canton), Doc. Dr. Azur Tulumanović (Head of the Department of Gynecology and a member of the management board of ASA Hospital), Dr. Belma Ramović-Brkić (Dean, Faculty of Computer Science, SSST University, and Coordinator of "its4Health" Digital Innovation Hub), and the Representative of the Medical Chamber of Sarajevo Canton, Dr. Aldina Divanović. Their discussions not only delved into the importance of developing digital skills but also highlighted the collaborative efforts needed for successful digital transformation in healthcare.

The "Heal IT" conference not only addressed critical issues in health sector digitization but also fostered a collaborative environment, bringing together key stakeholders. The multidimensional discussions, insightful panels, and updates from project partners collectively made the event a significant milestone in advancing the digital transformation of healthcare in the region. The conference undoubtedly served as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and laying the groundwork for future innovations in the field.

The event took place within the esteemed Partner Framework of the Hub, comprising SSST, VERLAB, IMBiH, and ISBIH. This collaborative alliance integrates exceptional research expertise, crucial at every stage of the digitalization process. The establishment of DIH its4Health, as part of the EU4DigitalSME project, funded jointly by the EU and BMZ, implemented by GIZ in Bosnia and Herzegovina, aims to contribute significantly to the digitalization, automation, and innovation ecosystem for small and medium-sized enterprises in the region.

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