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The international conference AMCTM 2023, organized by the Institute of Metrology of BiH, has been successfully completed

Sep 28, 2023

The Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IMBiH) organized the three-day International Conference for Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology and Testing (AMCTM 2023) from 26th to 28th September, 2023.

The Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IMBiH) organized the three-day International Conference for Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology and Testing (AMCTM 2023) from 26th to 28th September, 2023. The conference was held in cooperation with the Technical Committee for Mathematical Tools for Measurements (TC21 IMEKO), the Technical Committee for Digitization (TC6 IMEKO), the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO), and the European Metrology Network for Mathematics and Statistics (MATHMET).The goals of the conference were to:

  1. Provide a better understanding of mathematical and computational tools for the needs of metrology

  2. Develop new tools in the field of metrology and testing

  3. Promote regional and international cooperation in the field of metrology and testing

  4. Support young researchers in the field of metrology and related fields

Transfer knowledge to industry and stakeholdersIn addition to this, the conference also celebrated the 30th anniversary of the first Advanced Mathematical Tools for Metrology conference, which was held in Turin in 1993.

The conference was attended by more than 70 participants from 30 different countries, including Japan, New Zealand, Canada, France, Great Britain, Germany, Colombia, the United States of America, Poland, the Netherlands, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The papers presented at the conference covered a wide range of topics, including:

Modeling in metrology and related topics

New approaches to measurement uncertainty calculation

Digitization in metrology

Software tools in metrology

Statistical methods and Bayesian inference

New methods of calibration and testing

Machine learning and artificial intelligenceThe German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) was a partner of the conference. GIZ's support enabled participants from the metrology and academic communities in the region to attend the conference. We want to thank GIZ for its support in organizing the conference and for recognizing IMBiH as a reliable partner in the digital transformation process in Bosnia and Herzegovina. GIZ and IMBiH have previously collaborated on the establishment of the Digital HUB, which aims to improve the capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises to implement appropriate digital solutions.

Amongst other activities, a special IMEKO TC21 Committee session was held at the conference, where the new committee leadership was elected. Gratitude was expressed to the previous chairman, Franco Pavese, for his contributions to the committee's development. Franco Pavese, a former employee of the National Metrology Institute of Italy (INRIM), has lead the AMCTM conference series and been lead editor of the twelve editions of the associated  multi-author books. These volumes represent approximately 600 scientific research papers on the application of the mathematical, statistical and computational sciences to metrology. Franco Pavese led the TC21 Committee formation in 2004 and has been its chairman since then. He has now stepped down from this role and is now Honorary TC21 Committee Chairman. Following the committee's rules, a new leadership was proposed and approved at the meeting: Alistair Forbes (NPL, UK), chairman; Gregory Kyriazis (INMETRO, Brazil) and Katsuhiro Shirono (AIST, Japan), vice-chairpersons; and Alen Bošnjaković (IMBiH, BiH), scientific secretary. The new leadership will be formally confirmed in August 2024 by IMEKO technical board and general council.

The conference also featured special sessions on digital calibration certificates and digitization in metrology. Daniel Hutzschenreuter (PTB, Germany) gave a presentation on "How to start working with digital calibration certificates." He also informed the conference participants that the Support in implementing digital calibration certificates in the European Metrology Community (DC2GO) project is almost finished. The project results will be available to all interested parties transitioning from conventional calibration certificates to digital ones. In the round table session on "Digitalization in metrology," conference participants  shared their experiences with digitization in metrology in Japan, New Zealand, Colombia, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We want to thank the conference organizing committee: Alen Bošnjaković (IMBiH, TC21, MATHMET), Alistair Forbes (NPL, TC21), Franco Pavese (TC21), Joäo Sousa (IPQ, MATHMET), and Sascha Eichstädt (PTB, TC6) for their contributions to organizing and executing the conference. We would also like to thank the session leaders: Belma Ramić-Brkić (SSST, BiH), Dželila Mehanović (BURCH, BiH), Alistair Forbes (NPL, UK), Joäo Sousa (IPQ, Portugal), Sascha Eichstädt (PTB, Germany), Maurice Cox (NPL, UK), and Alen Bošnjaković (IMBiH, BiH) for their contributions to executing the conference.Alistair Forbes, now Chairman of the TC21 Committee, expressed his gratitude to IMBiH for organising the conference and to the local organising committee members. IMBiH was honoured to organise IMEKO AMCTM 2023, and we thank all the participants for their active participation. We would also like to thank our partner, GIZ, for enabling the participation of the academic and metrology communities from the region. IMBiH became a member of IMEKO in 2022, and by organising this conference, we have shown that we are an active IMEKO community member.

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