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Verlab Team

Verlab Research Institute for biomedical engineering, medical devices and artificial intelligence is a structured institution with a main goal to generate, apply, and disseminate research findings through a global ecosystem of forward-looking stakeholders and build capacity by empowering the next generation of technology-enabled professionals. Verlab Institute is a unique platform for cooperation of stakeholders to create conditions enabling the rapid transformation of ideas into products, processes and services responding to key challenges of the country and region. It has many experts from various fields of science including some of the most recognized scientists from different parts of the world. Therefore, the Institute closely collaborate with the Bosnia and Herzegovina Medical and Biological Engineering Society (DMBIUBIH) to enable wider usage of science and findings of research and evaluations by stakeholders, regardless of who they are. Verlab Institute has its mission and vision. The mission includes: to lead multidisciplinary needs-driven research, to inspire mission-oriented research, to deliver novel solutions. Vision of the Institute is pursuing innovation and shaping the future and therefore it requires scientific research in collaboration with network of stakeholders to bring innovations driven by globalization which is present too in the Western Balkans countries.

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