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Procurement Notices

Number of jobs found:


Technical assistance for five start-up teams

Assessment of digital preparedness among private healthcare institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Consultant for business support and mentoring services for five startups

Procurement of legal and taxation training and mentoring services for five healthcare startups

Development and testing of greening healthcare assessment methodology

Procurement of visual design services for 5 startups

Procurement of training and certification preparation services: Digital Transformation and Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Transformation of the Healthcare Sector - Basic Level and Advanced Level

Creation and development of the Data Storage (Cloud) for the needs of the Digital Innovation Hub "its4Health"

Procurement of services for upgrading the information system for managing the standardisation process (SMIS) for the needs of the Digital Innovation Hub "its4Health."

Design and delivery of digital maturity assessment framework for healthcare providers

Procurement of E-learning Platform Design and Development Services for the Needs of the Digital Innovation
Hub "its4Health"

Private Healthcare Provider Market Study

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