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The its4Health Digital Innovation Hub

With digitalisation no longer merely a contributor to business growth but a critical precondition for continued competitiveness of corporate entities across all industries, there is a growing global realisation of the need to allocate greater resources to enable and expedite the process of digital transformation, adaptation and innovation. The introduction of green and digital technologies and innovations offer both improved patient outcomes as well as greater efficiency in operation for both public and private healthcare providers. The its4Health Digital Innovation Hub will offer an integrated package of services, ranging from facilitating digital and green transformation of partner healthcare SMEs and public providers, through enabling the emergence of innovative products, to incubating and developing business around the innovations. 

iStock-1450240429 2023-08-30 08_36_46.jpg
iStock-1450240429 2023-08-30 08_36_46.jpg

The Hub is unique in its approach as it aim to provide significant added value to society at large through making a tangible contribution to improving the performance of the country’s health care sector. 


The objective of the Hub is to support on a large scale the digital and green transformation of healthcare institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including government and companies, especially SMEs and small mid-caps working in the health-tech sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 


The Hub provides services such as testing before investing, training and skills development, support to find investments, networking and access to innovation ecosystems. The services are provided on an open, transparent and non – discriminatory basis. Provided services will contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of Bosnia and Herzegovina health-tech industry. 

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