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Digital Innovation Hub

Supporting digital transformation of healthcare in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

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About its4Health

The establishment of DIH its4Health  is part of the wider EU4DigitalSME project, all with the aim of contributing to the construction of an ecosystem for digitization, automation and innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in BIH. The Hub’s mission is to accelerate green and digital transformation of healthcare in BiH, working across both public and private sectors, ultimately bringing about improved patient outcomes through innovation. 

The Hub’s Partnership Framework

The Hub’s primary partnership framework, bringing together the University Sarajevo School of Science and Technology (SSST), the  Verlab Research Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Medical Devices and Artificial Intelligence (VERLAB), the Institute of Metrology of BIH (IMBiH) and the Institute for Standardisation of BiH (ISBIH), pools vast research capabilities with industry and policy know-how and experience.

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Meet Dr. Dixon
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 Our Aim

Increasing awareness

and building digital skills

We work to increase awareness and ensure uptake of digital and green models in healthcare delivery, helping build green and digital skills for medical professionals. The Hub offers a wide range of services to include E-courses, blended learning programs and bootcamps, alongside improvements in formal education curricula.

Spurring innovation

We co-create innovative and tailored medical, technological and policy solutions to improve patient outcomes and increase effectiveness and efficiency in healthcare delivery. This includes experimentation,  collaborative product design and testing of technology, as well as the deployment of demonstration facilities.

Extending networking

and collaboration opportunities

We bring together networks of researchers, practitioners, and policy makers to ensure optimum use of available resources and international research capabilities. This service line also includes brokerage in matching innovators and emerging healthtech entrepreneurs with prospective investors.

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Our Team

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Patient Info
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Our partners

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